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Our Approach

The occupational therapy process in pediatrics typically follows a systematic approach tailored to meet the unique needs of each child. Here's an overview of the steps involved:


Understanding the child's strength and challenges. This involves observation, standardized tests, interviews with parents and collaborating with other health care professionals.


Goal setting:

Based on the assessment results, we work collaboratively to set specific goals. These goals focus on improving the child's ability to participate in daily activities such as self-care, play and school tasks.



We design and implement intervention strategies to address the child's identified goals. These may include: Sensory Integration activities, Fine motor activities, gross motor activities, cognitive and perceptual activities, activities of daily living training, social skills training, emotional regulation activities. All the above with a play based approach.

During the therapy process, we will be monitoring progress and making adjustments. Regular reassessments and parent/carer involvement as it is crucial for promoting carrying over skills

Home and training programs may be necessary to support progress outside the therapy sessions.


Evaluation and Reporting:

Did we achieve results? Outcome measures will be used every 6 months. We work with children and their carers in a range of            environments:

- At the therapy room where I  start supporting your child with therapeutic sessions and later, we can continue the support in your child's natural environment.

- At home, where we can model various activities and support you in gaining confidence to complete everyday tasks such as feeding and bathing.

- In the community where we can support you to gain confidence in taking your child to different places such as public transport, the playground, shops, the library. 

- At nursery / school where we can model activities, suggest strategies to support your child and help to problem-solve when difficulties occur.

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