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Professional Occupational Therapy Treatments

The treatment phase is a pivotal stage in the Occupational Therapy process, where significant improvements are achieved. Occupational Therapy treatment is meticulously designed by our therapists to enhance your child's functional abilities at home and school, leveraging their expertise and skills.

Objectives of Occupational Therapy Treatment

The core objectives of providing Occupational Therapy treatment to children are to:

  1. Achieve goals established during the assessment phase

  2. Enhance function in critical areas

  3. Foster independence in both home and school environments

  4. Address physical, social, and behavioral challenges

    To uphold our commitment to delivering high-quality services, all treatment sessions undergo regular review, with the final outcomes serving as evidence of therapeutic progress.


Occupational Therapy Treatments Offered by us

Our comprehensive range of Occupational Therapy treatments includes:

  • Adaptive Equipment

  • Sensory Integration Therapy

  • Fine Motor Improvement Therapy

  • Concentration and Memory Enhancement Therapy

  • Gross Motor Activity Training

  • Handwriting Improvement Therapy

  • Confidence Building Therapy

  • One-on-One Treatment Sessions

  • Home Visits

  • School Visits

    Each treatment modality is tailored to meet the unique needs of your child, aiming to optimize their development and overall well-being.

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