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Discover how to improve your little one's life

Occupational therapy utilises a child-centred approach in assessing and treating functional skills and everyday activities. A child’s most important “occupation” is play, therefore therapy incorporates meaningful tasks in order to promote a child’s development, independence and well-being. Here are some of the services:


The initial stage of assessment is a crucial role in the Occupational Therapy journey, as they offer therapists valuable insights into your child's unique needs and challenges

Handwriting Assessment

Handwriting Assessment involves evaluating handwriting legibility, pencil grip, and visual perception, resembling the DASH assessment. However, unlike the DASH

Equipment Assessment

An equipment assessment becomes essential when a condition, whether progressive or non-progressive, significantly affects or will impact your child's functioning

Sensory Assessment

A sensory assessment entails evaluating how your child manages the influx of sensory stimuli they encounter daily. By analyzing their behaviors under


Occupational therapy reports serve various purposes, offering valuable insights into assessments and recommendations. Authored by our occupational therapists

Autistic Spectrum Disorder Assessment

The assessment for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) entails a comprehensive approach encompassing observation, narrative analysis, and social assessment

Seminar and Conference Talks

Protherapykids provides nationwide seminar and conference presentations featuring seasoned Occupational Therapy experts. Our Occupational Therapists boast

DASH Assessment

The Assessment of Speed of Handwriting (DASH) is a tool commonly used in pediatric Occupational Therapy (OT) to evaluate the speed 

Functional Assessment

The comprehensive functional assessment evaluates your child's performance within both the school and home settings. It examines fine motor skills encompassing tasks like

Risk Assessment

A risk assessment serves as a crucial component of various evaluations. Its primary objective is to evaluate both the physical and social environment for potential hazards

Movement ABC Assessment

The Movement ABC assessment serves as a valuable tool in identifying any delays or impairments in motor development among children. Occupational therapists utilize


The treatment phase is a pivotal stage in the Occupational Therapy process, where significant improvements are achieved. Occupational Therapy treatment is

Teachers Training

Protherapykids provide detailed teacher training for a variety of training opportunities for schools. We believe that prevention is better than cure

Occupational Therapy Assistant for Classroom or Home Support

Protherapykids offers ongoing support from Occupational Therapy assistants for children with complex needs, both in educational settings and at home

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