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School Consultancy

School Consultancy Services provides comprehensive support to both primary and secondary mainstream and special schools. Our experienced Occupational Therapists conduct thorough 1:1 assessments of children with specific learning needs, evaluate school environments, and deliver detailed individual reports outlining their impact on learning, accompanied by recommendations for further enhancement.

Benefits of  School Consultancy Service

Our partnership with schools is valued for the efficiency and excellence of our services. Here are some key benefits of collaborating with us:

1.    Thorough outcome-based assessments of individual children.

2.    Detailed individual reports presenting assessment findings and recommendations for further treatment.

3.    Verbal and written summaries of assessments and recommendations, including equipment and additional treatment options.

4.    Access to an onsite Pediatric Occupational Therapist for direct support.

5.    Verbal recommendations and guidance offered to teaching staff for effective implementation.

6.    Flexible environment modifications or seating plan adjustments tailored to specific needs.

7.    Parents of assessed children receive access to individual reports and any recommended treatment plans or environmental modifications.

8.  Competitive pricing ensures affordability and accessibility of our services

Benefits of Consultancy Service

Our partnership with schools underscores the efficiency and effectiveness of our services. Here are some key benefits of collaborating with us:

1.    Prompt onsite assessment and treatment provision for children, ensuring timely intervention and high-quality care.

2.    Comprehensive outcome-based assessments of individual children, providing detailed insights into their needs.

3.    Follow-up individual reports outlining assessment findings and recommendations for further treatment, ensuring continuity of care.

4.    Flexible modifications to the environment or seating plans tailored to individual needs, optimizing learning environments.

5.    Access for parents to individual reports and any recommended treatment plans or environmental modifications, fostering transparency and parental involvement.

6.    Competitive pricing, ensuring affordability and value for schools seeking quality occupational therapy services.

7.    Each child receiving Occupational Therapy input receives a personalised assessment and treatment plan, promoting targeted intervention and ongoing progress.

Children Assisted by Our Occupational Therapists:

We assist a diverse range of children facing various challenges in the school. These challenges may include:

  • Difficulty maintaining concentration in the classroom

  • Messy or illegible handwriting

  • Poor fine motor skills

  • Challenges in participating in gross motor activities (e.g., sports)

  • Need for specialized seating or postural support

  •  Issues with organizational and planning skills

  •  Easily distracted behavior

  • Requirement for one-on-one support


What's Included:

As part of our consultancy service, your school will receive comprehensive individual or environmental assessments followed by detailed follow-up reports. These reports will outline the challenges the child is facing and offer recommendations for improvement. Options may include recommending equipment such as sloped writing boards, pencil grips, adaptive seating, or sensory equipment. Additionally, suggestions for further activities or treatment to enhance skills development may be provided.

Below is a breakdown of the key components included within our consultancy service:

Assessment of Individual Children: Our Occupational Therapists conduct non-standardized assessments of individual children to evaluate handwriting, concentration, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, coordination, and movement abilities. Based on these assessments, tailored treatment plans, activity recommendations, and modifications to the child's daily routine can be provided to improve functionality.

Assessment of Environment: Our Occupational Therapists assess the school environment, offering insights into seating arrangements, posture, adaptive aids, classroom displays, and teaching positions. These assessments are particularly beneficial for children struggling with concentration or attention during lessons.

Individual Case Discussions: Our Occupational Therapists engage in discussions regarding individual cases, providing verbal advice on optimizing the learning environment and overall development of each child.

Verbal Advice and Recommendations: With our therapists onsite throughout the school day, they are readily available to address any queries or concerns. They offer verbal advice and future recommendations for enhancing the learning environment and supporting students' needs.

​Following these assessments and discussions, we provide the following reports based on the services rendered:

Individual Reports: Each child assessed during a school day receives an individualized report detailing the assessment findings, current functional level, and specific recommendations for the school. These reports may include examples of activities and equipment suggestions to support the child's needs.

Environmental Reports: Environmental reports summarize assessment findings and provide detailed recommendations for modifying the school or classroom environment to enhance learning. These reports can address individual cases or provide general recommendations for improvement.

​If you are interested in our School Consultancy service and would like more information, please contact us

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